And again a disaster!

As you may have  heard in the news on December 3rd , 2019, Typhoon Kammuri / Tisoy hit North Samar. It was the strongest typhoon we have experienced since the foundation of the clinic 12 years ago, and we have large damage  in the clinic and in the area around. The typhoon hung over the clinic for almost 12 hours, and the heavy torrents of rain and wind pushed the water through the windows and doors. The water was everywhere, even in the light bulbs. It dripped through the ceiling, down the stairs to the clinic. It's hard to describe.
In front of the clinic, things did not look better, so people came to us for evacuation. The day nursery as well as our multi-purpose hall were used, as most people still live here in light bamboo huts. They could not withstand the strong wind.
When we went outside the clinic on Wednesday morning, we saw pictures of total destruction. There was hardly a tree undamaged, many uprooted or twisted. On the road were the electricity masts, therefore, the power failed. Other parts of the street were blocked by coconut palms. Everywhere the power cables hanging  down. The phone signal also broke off, so that we could not inform anyone for the time being. The main road to San Roque was completely impassable because the bridge was washed down so that it simply broke away.
There was flooding again in our farm. Luckily, the new wall did not break this time. The economically used part with the plantings offered a debris field.
In Bugko and the surrounding villages the same pictures. Most of the houses are destroyed. Again, people have lost their homes. It is sad to see. The power supply will be off for at least 4 weeks as there are so many masts and lines on the ground. Aid for the reconstruction of the power supply comes from the neighboring island of Leyte.
After the first shock, we started to distribute tarpaulins and blankets as the raining still continued. Again there is a lot of work ahead of us….
Despite this terrible message, I wish you all a Merry Christmas

Many greetings

Sabine Korth



Here some pictures of the damages: